Neighborhood Shield

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Neighborhood Shield is a community action initiative designed to use technology and innovation to tackle issues in distressed communities.  By creating partnerships between non-profit organizations, corporate sponsors, and technology providers, Neighborhood Shield brings new technologies to bear against long standing social and economic challenges.

In support of this initiative, OFConsulting has developed the "Neighborhood Shield drive".  This drive is a flash based storage solution preloaded with a proprietary software package that allows individuals and families to securely store information about their medical history, recent photos, and other pertinent data.  In the event of an emergency, this information can be made available to medical professionals, case workers, or other appropriate individuals.

This product is designed principally for people in at risk communities, who typically would not have access to similar products.  Our goal is to identify those communities and individuals that are at the highest risk of being the victim of a violent crime, or experiencing a health related complication.  Because in many cases this product's intended recipients may not have access to a computer; OFConsulting is actively engaging non-profit agencies to not only supply the drives to the network of individuals they serve, but also to load the relevant information onto the drive on behalf of these individuals.

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The Shield Drive will be generally available Fall 2009.

Sheild Drive