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C# equivalents in Objective C

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Okay, so I've got a free moment, and I've decided to bless the interwebs with a little bit of my wisdom.  Basically I'm going to use this post as a little bit of a living document to highlight the Objective C equivalents of some basic and not so basic C# statements. I'll start out with the super easy stuff for those extra challenged programmers out there.


Basic String Concatenation
C# Objective C
string headerDescription;
string header = "We makin apps ";
string description = "up in here";

headerDescription = header + description;

lblHeader.text = headerDescription

NSString *headerText = @"Yea... all kind of apps being developed";
NSString *description = @". in Obj C";
NSMutableString *headerDescription = [NSMutableString string];


// Concatenate strings
[headerDescription appendString:headerText];
[headerDescription appendString:description];



lblHeader.text = headerDescription;

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